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LeafThinks™ specializes in integrating world-class solutions for your company. Known for our expertise and experience, you can trust us to be the most responsive team with unrivaled industry knowledge. We collaborate every day with the best operators in the industry, helping them lower their risk through visibility, transparency, and accountability. Let our software handle all of your tracking and compliance needs while you focus on expanding your expertise.

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Changing The Game

Across the country, we asked leaders of licensed Cannabis enterprises, just like yours, “What is the number one pain point you want to be resolved?” The answer was simple “Cost of operation.” The general concern was trying to find a solution that maximizes profits while staying in compliance. In an industry inundated with miles of red tape and jarring regulatory compliance issues, the wrong software can paralyze your business. Utilizing the available systems leaves companies with inefficient, time-consuming, expensive, and antiquated processes. After gathering this intel, we realized, it’s time to change the game!

The Highest Cost In A Cannabis Enterprise

The numbers show the single highest expense in running any licensed enterprise in the Cannabis industry is insurance. In this space, insurers base premiums on actuarial science. The problem with that is the lack of statistical data available. Insurance is based on risk. With a lack of data, risks are assumed and therefore categorized into pre-existing liability molds. Because of this, premiums in this space are through the roof and we’ve seen some of the most promising companies in the space teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.


Reducing Risk

At LeafThinks™, our group of experienced industry leaders came together to tackle this problem. We changed the platform. Now, you’ll be able to measure risk by shareability of real-time data. Minimizing the risk insures the underwriting company will have fewer claims to payout. Lowering their risk translates into lowering your premiums.

The insurance companies we partner with are confident in LeafThinks™ revolutionary software because it’s tracking the supply chain, with unrivaled accuracy, of all your various products. Then reporting, in real-time, to the required regulatory entities all the compliance data they require. Partnering with us has given them a bigger footprint in the marketplace. With lower statistical claims and higher margins they are able to offer lower premiums to the end user…you.

Using LeafThinks™ Software To Drive Down Cost In This Space

LeafThinks™ revolutionary seed to sale software checks all the boxes. Use our software to drive down the cost of running your enterprise. Our seamless seed to sale software integrates reports from every stage of your facilities to directly report, in real-time, to the state and Metrc.

What 2 Things Does LeafThinks™ Have That No Other Seed To Sale Software Offers?

Along with what other companies say they can do, the first thing LeafThinks™ has is software that’s built, fully operational, and available in your APP stores today. With the ease of use, run your business from virtually anywhere in the world.

In addition to that, the second extra incorporated into LeafThinks™ seed to sale software is that this is the only operating software in the space that can GEO track in real-time! By Geo tracking your product, it reduces the expense and liability of theft insurance (one of the most expensive categories in Cannabis insurance). You can now safely transport your product from seed to the patient’s hand that needs it the most. Tracking it every step of the way!

Contact us today! We do the data integration for you, set up your info and you’re off and running…it’s that easy. You’ve changed the industry by offering your products to the world. Let LeafThinks™ change the game for you by keeping those profits in your company today!






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