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LeafThinks™ world-class seed to sale software creates an accuracy component no other software in the market has.  Lower the risk assessment by incorporating our state of the art GEO tracking. Now your business can trace supply chains in real-time. This ensures the regulated product doesn't make its way into the black market and the black market doesn't make its way into your supply chain.

Every Stroke Shares Data In Real-Time With Metrc™ or The State Making It Compliant Software

LeafThinks™ seed to sale software shares the information actuaries use in this space. By incorporating our software, you're showing the insurance company that you're acting in a compliant fashion. This drives down the prospect of a claim for them, therefore, lowering the risk. Lower risk translates into lower premiums.

LeafThinks™ Map Interfacing With Metrc™

States LeafThinks™ Interfaces With That Are Not Connected To Metrc™

Map Of Countries Throughout The World LeafThinks™ Software Interfaces With